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Fankind Media

After many years product managing & designing digital products & platforms for companies such as Disney/ABC, Fox & CBS, Jason Ungerman established Fankind Media Inc.


The interest was to focus on new kinds of interactive show opportunities and ideas, ripe for today's technologies and media consumption patterns. Jason's passion and vision around new interactive show formats and genres still remains an area of special interest and capability, however…

As Virtual Reality started becoming more viable and accessible, it increasingly became more enticing to Jason. Since childhood, he wondered if VR would become a significant reality in his lifetime. The fascinating possibilities, challenges and opportunities to create and explore truly immersive, interactive 3D frontiers was too compelling and so focus pivoted to VR/AR.

​Jason now works on bespoke VR/AR for clients, his own VR/AR app development, collaboration works and consulting.


Experiences, skills, & abilities include:

  • VR/AR Experience Design & Development

  • Interactive Product Design/Development/Management

  • Interactive Video (Live & VOD) Platform Design/Development/Management

  • User Experience Design

  • Brand & IP Integration

  • Game Development

  • Traditional Film & Video Production

  • Technical Documentation

  • Digital Product Marketing

  • Metrics & Tracking Analysis

  • Interactive Media Consulting

  • Account/Agency/3rd Party Vendor Management

  • New Business Development

Background At a Glance:

McGill University /
Vancouver Film School

Film & Video



Fox Interactive
Media (Labs)


CBS Interactive

Fankind Media

Film & Comm /
Film Production

Variety of Roles
(Lighting, Camera, Production...)

Team Leader &
Strategic Games Account Rep

Variety of Roles
(Design,Marketing, Management...)

Product Manager

Product Manager

Sr. Product Manager



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