In 2014, after many years designing & managing digital products & platforms for companies such as Disney/ABC, Fox & CBS, the founder (Jason Ungerman) established Fankind Media Inc.

The company's initial focus was designing & developing next-gen interactive TV show experiences. It was the founder's interest to evolve interactive show potentials, after designing interactive products/platforms for shows like The Glass House, Big Brother, The Oscars & more. (If you are here for interactive show development, contact us as it remains an area of special interest and capability.)

At this same time however, as VR started becoming more viable & accessible, it became more of an interest to Fankind Media as well. The fascinating possibilities of VR/AR & exploration of new interactive frontiers was so compelling, Fankind Media shifted its focus to VR/AR. 

Recognizing that business needs around VR/AR at these early stages first requires new knowledge & understanding about the new medium itself, the VR Crash Course was added to Fankind Media's Consulting & Development Services.


The company is small yet capable, clever & creative. The experiences, skills, & abilities Fankind Media pulls from include:

  • VR Experience Development

  • Interactive Media Consulting

  • Interactive Product Design, Development & Management

  • Interactive Video (Live & VOD) Design & Development

  • User Experience Design

  • Game Development

  • Traditional Film & Video Production

  • Brand & IP Integration

  • Interactive Product Marketing

  • Metrics & Tracking Analysis

  • Technical Documentation

  • Account/Agency/3rd Party Vendor Management

  • New Business Development

 The next media wave is coming. Don't get left behind. Ride it with Fankind Media.


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