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XR / Interactive:

Previous work with Fortune 500's & Start-Ups in Canada & the U.S. including ABC/Disney, Fox & CBS. Initial launch team member of the HULU streaming service. Product Management for Big Brother Live Feeds Service (U.S.), the Official Oscars Play-Along app and more. Designed/Managed many sponsored and co-branded, custom platforms & advertiser campaigns around popular IP . Traditional Film/Video production background & work at Autodesk (leading 3D software tools developer). With experience and real passion for pushing the mix of creativity, interactivity and technology - the pull/interest to learn and explore VR/AR was irresistible...

'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'...

  • Work in progress, for a real-time, audio reactive, mobile VR application.

  • As a temporary "escape" from today's grinds & pressures... get "lost" in your music.

  • Music & VR  for rejuvenation, relaxation &  inspiration ~ sweating / exercise not required.

  • Supports use of User's own music files (or podcast / or meditation / audio files, etc).

  • Also offers free, in-app music and (TBD) live streaming radio station selections.

  • Video is not necessarily representative of final work & includes placeholder graphics.

More "Traditional" VR Work

VR Commerce


VR Training

+ Older Work & Prototypes
Oculus DevKit2 / Rift
1 / Google Cardboard / GearVR

Created using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Interactive !

NOTE: Recent Firefox versions may have interaction issues

  • Created by collaborating with AI (ChatGPT)

  • Utilized knowledge of programming fundamentals, logic & processes yet without CSS, HTML or Java scripting knowledge.

  • As an exercise & experiment, achieved intended results using AI (with something I'd unlikely look to create on my own).

  • Prompted AI with many questions, directions, and corrections while debugging, enhancing, and iterating.

  • A lot of variable/parameter tweaking was then needed (by me) to enable the patterns and transitions seen here.

Consultation | Collaboration | Custom Work

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