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XR / Interactive:

Experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups in Canada and the U.S., inlcuding ABC/Disney, Fox & CBS. Initial Launch Team member for HULU streaming service. Senior Product Management for Big Brother Live Feeds Service (U.S.), the Official Oscars Play-Along app and more. Led many innovative advertiser campaigns and cross-branded custom platforms for popular television shows/IP . Champion and visionary for interactive show experiences themselves, including platform design, integration, and management for the pioneering show (interactively speaking), "The Glass House". Background in traditional Film/Video production with extensive on-set experience. Work at Autodesk, a leading 3D software tools developer, focusing on Games & Interactive as a Team Leader and Strategic Account Representative for clients like EA, Sony and Midway. Transitioned to then work with different innovative startups before joining the network broadcasters. Passionate about blending creativity, technology and interactivity. Explored VR/AR with early VR Development Kit, self-taught in Unity game engine, visual scripting and currently collaborating with ChatGPT for coding tasks. Thrive on leading-edge initiatives that empower users through interactivity.

Classic Title

Info For Nerds

Mezmer Trailer

  • Work in progress, for a real-time audio reactive mobile VR application.

  • A temporary "escape" from today's grinds & pressures... get "lost" in your music.

  • Music & VR  for rejuvenation, relaxation &  inspiration ~ sweating / exercise not required.

  • Supports use of User's own audio files (Music, Podcast, Meditation, etc).

  • Also offers free, In-App Music and Live Streaming Radio Station selections .

More "Traditional" VR Work

VR Commerce


VR Training

+ Older Work & Prototypes
Oculus DevKit2 / Rift
1 / Google Cardboard / GearVR

Created using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Move mouse/finger left and right to change patterns...

Interactive !

NOTE: Recent Firefox versions may have interaction issues

  • Generated by collaborating with AI / ChatGPT version 3.0 (for fun/challenge).

  • Utilized knowledge of programming logic & processes but without actual Java scripting experience. 

Consultation | Collaboration | Custom Work


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